The Harvard 75 year study

Amazing, this video discusses the longest study ever done on the lives of men. What they find through research, not only with interviews is what makes us happy. Feeling, that we can count on someone; being in good relationships. Good family relationships and marriages had the most significant results, impacting our health and sustainability. Loneliness, is the number one killer affecting our health. Wow!

I am fearless

Though I am afraid, right now.

I am fearless.

Even, if I die. I don’t fear death.

I will write the best stories about my life.

During, the remaining days of my life.

That is all I need, now.

I hated you for a time.

I don’t even do that anymore.

Making you the cancer in my life never helped.


Posted on July 26, 2015 by Andrea N Carr


“Hello” by Andrea N Carr

I wish, I was feeling connected to something. I do not, now. My life has become a quest for permanence in a temporary space. I knew this day would come.

Though, it was forced upon me at the time. I wasn’t ready to deal with it. I’m in search of …I don’t know. I only know it’s waiting for me and when I find it I will know, that’s it.

via Hello.

press-release The Trees Outside

Début release

Family Tree,” is part of the literary fiction family saga about

an incarcerated woman named Angel, who is the narrator of an internal

monologue sharing opinions, thoughts and perceptions. Embarking on a

journey of self exploration while evaluating the meaning of her

familial relationships.

The chapters originally contained poems but the author felt they distracted

from the storyline since, her writing is poetic in nature. As a result, The Trees

Outside was born with the larger Family Tree chapter edits included as a

short story in this title.  Also an introduction and essay surmising

Andrea’s personal feelings about her story and writing. The foreword

written by M.J. Moores, OCT.

The Trees Outside  – Andrea N. Carr Author, Los Angeles, CA

African-American / Literary Fiction Narrative

Reinventing American Literature one book at a time.

Andrea is a born storyteller, her soul carries the passions and disappointments of a nation. Her writing bares faultless witness to the truths of our time.

[The Trees Outside] is a must read for all followers of Andrea’s writing, and for those new to her work as well. Miss Carr bears her soul and that of Angel’s in a truly enlightening short work. ~ M.J. Moores, OCT

The Trees Outside: Family Tree, Family Tree the Novel

For immediate release

The Trees Outside, new release from novelist Andrea N Carr
June 1st, 2015  on Amazon KDP
Often as human beings we find ourselves on the outside looking in on a given situation: a friend’s problems with work, the death of a distant relative, even watching police rush to a major car accident. However, one of the most difficult aspects of humanity is being able to look within ourselves and be honest about what we see there.

The Trees Outside is an introspective look at those forces affecting the character Angel Harper, from Andrea N. Carr’s début novel Family Tree. Here, she not only helps readers look into Angel’s life through her poetry and previously edited material, but she reveals the naked truth about her writing as a medium for self-expression.

The Trees Outside includes the narrator Angel’s poetry and inner monologues, which explore and illuminate how and why she makes the decisions she does. The novel affirms our common humanity and celebrates the beauty of language through its poetic prose. Also, it reminds us why we seek the answers to philosophical questions through literature. Because writing, and reading, can pull us out of our own thought patterns and cause us to examine and more deeply understand others’ feelings and ideas and aspects of our common human experience. This, in turn, allows for a deeper understanding of others and ourselves.

Andrea N Carr is an accomplished author/storyteller. She has been writing emotionally driven, self exploratory stories since 1999 from her homes in Orange County. Growing up in Huntington Beach, she later moved to Los Angeles, California after leaving a Mental Health Career, as a Psychiatric Technician for the State of CA. Miss Carr has the uncanny ability to weave words so cleverly and simply that her literary works create thought-provoking images both vivid and personal that the reader cannot help but be moved with “soul honesty.”


Copies of The Trees Outside are available to send to book clubs, literary societies, libraries and others interested in discussing the title. For more information, please contact publicist Cristina Deptula with Authors, Large and Small at 510-589-8252 or 

I get excited, …tell you when.

The thought of the world having the chance in some way, to know me from something I have done – intending to do not fall out of a plane and survive. (smiling) Is very very, exciting for me to attempt to do something to benefit many. I love the thought of it on some level; It is a responsibility. I don’t know where I got it from. It bugs me, if I ignore it I tried before.

At first, I just wanted to say whatever when I write. A angry poem thing to let off steam. I got past that stage it helped me tremendously to release, my anger. Lol! However, I was feeling when ready to write you read some of it here. If not go back if you want. Prolly won’t need to go back very far.

The problem is I exercise my emotions thoroughly, when I write. So anger is about all that is left, I try to keep it away from my writing with compassion being my thing. Though, sometimes anger was just what I needed. So poems are my outlet for Anger. I love them for that, I still debate if it is helpful for anyone to read it.

I still think that it is good, great in fact to just write at will saying how I feel because, it allows you to get to know me as a person. But, then I thought, I may never get the chance again. Make it count.

With that said, I only need to write a few books. “Need” being the keyword here. I only “need” to write a few books, my calling will be over. I have a feeling they will be significant in helping people one day, my books I’m writing now. But, for now, I am happy with them having the potential to help many.

Makes me very happy to know.

However, I like the idea of relief from the pressure, the next time I write something, one day relaxed I would love that. Soon. I don’t feel I can write any other way for now. I don’t know what that is other than still trying to prove my worth as a writer, when you say one day “She was right.” I smile, then we’re good together.

I feel this duty in the interim, to be understood clearly by, everyone. Why, not sure that’s even possible anymore on earth.  (laughs)  I believed it was possible at one time. I am finding, I thought a lot about writing being my purpose. What if no one, agreed. (( laughing )) That’s hilarious, if no one agreed with me then what would I do.

I would have to have my “Gut Instinct” checked twice. There isn’t one doubt in my mind I could be incorrect. I just don’t think so. This is the only way, I know to do what I need to do.

I am going to sleep, happy.

Nite, all.

Readers: Netgalley feedback requests, being accepted by approval!

My NetGalley URL:

“Read Now” is over, read feedback requests are now accepted on approval.

Readers: Family Tree

I have no preference for a Reader however, this book is also thought of as philosophical reading.  An interest in Education more specifically the study of Social Anthropology, Heuristic or Social Psychology and Subjectivism under Epistemology – not required to read but, would have for certain an interest in reading this book. It’s not text-book reading, only a good subject for study. Reaches to the core of emotional stability when no one is around to help.


When a crisis acts as a catalyst of self exploration for the main character. Evaluating the meaning of her relationships with other family members after a sibling suicide. Also, touching on addiction and incarceration but most, how to reach acceptance when one may never get the answers sought to move on. Coming to a heuristic end to the story. Based on what she knows, or has decided to be true from her understanding of what is known.

Though, the novel is a family saga – It is the internal monolog of only one member; Angel the lead character as narrator. Expressing feelings, opinions and thoughts about her life. The same way, life is interpreted by our thinking. We have our understanding of perceived truth also, affected by emotions. This book is literary fiction, a narrative but different because as I said, it’s about only one character.

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You wouldn’t know love, if it kissed you… Dear John:

Dear John: by, Andrea N Carr

Proving to you my love was genuine became, too much work and

proved too tiresome.

Stop acting like love, did something to you; missed

the focus – what you wouldn’t do.

All I ever wanted to do was love you.

You wouldn’t know love, if it kissed you.

Love just missed you.

I looked to you, for the love we once shared in.

But, I remain lost in love we made mistakes in.

I can not fix what has already happened.

I failed at letting go by, forgiving and forgetting.

This is what brings us to this unhappy ending, to you my love a farewell

I am sending.

My heart now, needs to start mending – I can’t be a part of love’s pretending.

You wouldn’t know love, if it kissed you.  

Love just missed you